Quick ways to lower the electricity consumption

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We all are familiar with that feeling when high electricity bills have made us uneasy. To reduce your utility bills, you can do more than just blaming the utility companies. Rationalizing the energy consumption not only affects your electricity bills but it also leaves a good impact on our environment.
Let’s see what the simple ways to cut down your energy expenditure are:

  • Old appliances – Any appliance that is very old should be replaced. They use more energy than you expect. Modern units are made in such a way that they are highly efficient. No matter how good your old appliance is working, it will never be as energy efficient as a new one. You will also get additional benefits like government tax incentives, company’s discounts and rebates when you buy a new appliance which works on low energy consumption. Consider it a one-time investment, the new model will pay for it itself in few years.
  • Phantom energy loss – Just because you have turned off the switch doesn’t mean that the plugged-in appliance will stop draining the power. There are many appliances that keep on drawing the energy even when they are unused. This is called as phantom energy loss. There are two ways to stop this – First is to unplug the appliances that are not in use and another is to use a smart power strip. Smart power strip have many outlets and you can cut the power of all the outlets with the help of just one switch. It’s easier to turn off that one switch rather than unplugging all the appliances separately. Additionally, these smart power strips protect your appliances from power surges and overload.
  • Dimmer switches – Dimmer switches are very efficient in energy saving. Your home lights contribute to 12% of the electricity bills. Dimmer switches help you in reducing the energy consumption. They also offer variable illumination with the extra benefit of reduced wattage.
  • Smart ways to use appliances – There are so many smart ways of using your appliances to save energy. Using hot water to launder your clothes takes almost 90% of the energy. When you use cold water to clean your clothes you can save a lot more energy than you can expect. You can use the hot water to clean the grime and oil stained clothes. Most of our day to day clothes don’t even need hot water. Additionally, Cold water is even gentler to your clothes so it increases their life.

You should also consider reducing the temperature of your water heater. Turning it off when not in use can also help you in reducing your energy bills. Also, use the dishwasher on the air dry cycle mode to reduce your energy consumption. Isn’t it amazing that you can save almost 15% of the energy by just tweaking the setting of your dishwasher?

  • Programmable thermostat – Enough has been said about the benefits of having programmable thermostats. They are highly convenient to use and they save tons of energy. Your HVAC will not have to run unnecessarily when you have a programmable thermostat. You can easily program your thermostat and your unit will function accordingly.

If even after doing all that you could do, you don’t see any reduction in your electricity bills, hire Electrician Puyallup for an energy audit. A licensed auditor assesses the energy performance of your home by examining the energy uptake of your appliances like heating or cooling unit, water heater, insulation and ventilation of home. This is the easiest way to find the reason behind the high utility bills and to rationalize your energy consumption.


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